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Self-Storage Facility in Sharjah & Dubai

Self-Storage Facility in Sharjah & Dubai

If your luggage is taking up too much space in your home or office but you can't sell it since you'll need it again, self storage could be the answer. You can now store your favourite extras until the proper time comes to use them. Business growth and job creation have become the government's goal in Dubai throughout the previous 30 years of economic progress. As a result of this, firms persistently tend to grow their infrastructure due to the enlarged number of employees as a requirement for corporate success.

In such a situation, when a company has to expand its workforce quickly, it must transfer the entire office to a larger area. In this urgency it becomes difficult to find a larger space with a desired budget so businesses have to shift to an available building. In such a case, the furniture needs to be stored at a safer place. For this purpose storage key offers self storage where your belongings can rest safely until you find a desired location.

How does it work?

A common question that we usually get from our customers is that how does the service work? To answer your confusion, we are here to explain everything step by step.

We pack your material for you

When it comes to placing your material at the Storage key, you don't need to be worried about its mobility to our warehouse. We will pack your things with care and professional hands through bubble wrap, white papers and stretch film. We utilise the best packaging material to ensure that your materials are protected while being moved.

We cart your things

We take care of shipping your belongings from your location to the Storage Key warehouses while leaving you tension free. We have professionals who will carefully load your material to our delivery trucks. Our truck drivers will transport the stuff to the warehouse, while our personnel on the ground will unload it and store it till you request it.

We store it until you want

Our Sharjah climate-controlled storage facility is outfitted with cutting-edge security and surveillance to keep your valuables safe in storage. To reclaim your items, you can come in at any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Get it back like it was never moved

Our professionals take it back to you when you have enough space for your valuables. They will repeat the process and will load the luggage to your desired place. They will unload and set it for you like it was always there.

What benefits can you get with Storage-Key?

When it comes to entrusting your valuables to an unknown location, it can be tough to find a suitable location that fits your budget, meets your needs, and makes you feel safe about your personal goods. Storage key’s self-storage facility will get you all that you want.


When you are already paying for a separate place, paying for a storage area could be an economical burden. At storage key one of the top benefits is that you can calculate the price as per your need with our storage calculator. Making a guess about how much space you need for your material is tricky. Therefore, Storage Key provides you an online facility to check how much space you need for your material.

You can also tell us your requirements in detail by requesting a quote and we will get back to you after finding your desired place in your desired pricing. With our several solutions, we relieve you of the financial stress.

24/7 access to your items

The best part of our storage areas is that you can come and check your belongings at any time you want. There is no set time for you to visit your material.Its purpose is to make you feel at ease with your belongings.

Services of professionals on the site

We have the best customer service professionals you will find on the site. They help you in fulfilling your requirements and any changes that you want in the placement of your things. They are the caretakers of your material.

Easy payments

We offer multiple options for our clients when it comes to payments. Flexibility is our policy for payments. You can pay via different means such as cash, cheque or online transactions. You can also pay in installments if you think it is convenient for you. Storage Key is the best villa moving facility that you will find in Sharjah and Dubai. Call us today to book your space.