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Business Storage

Streamlining your office can affect your bottom line.

It makes little sense to use your expensive office space to store unused equipment and furniture, archived documents, or excess stock and accessories. At every growth stage, your UAE business can benefit from our affordable and scalable business storage units in Sharjah, with easy access and delivery. We offer start-up business storage, small business storage, and commercial storage units for rent for corporate companies.


Units are entirely customizable and scalable, starting at 100 square feet (What can it fit? banner).

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Discover business storage for rent and enjoy:

  • Highly competitive rates
  • Climate-controlled and commercial storage units for rent
  • 24/7 access to your pod
  • Professional assistance on site
  • Accessible UAE warehouse via Emirates Bypass Road
  • State-of-the-art IP security, surveillance by fully-vetted professionals, access control, fire detection and alarm systems
  • Delivery of packing supplies
  • Collection of items
  • Automatic and comprehensive insurance coverage
  • Flexible lease options and easily scalable storage solutions
  • Wide loading/unloading bays to accommodate items of all sizes
  • Easy payment options through cash, personal checks, and online

Business or Office Storage in Dubai & Sharjah - Right Space for Storage

Running out of storage space in your office and need business storage in Dubai or Sharjah? We are just the service you need. From furniture to important documents and more, we offer a complete range of business storage services to startups, small, mid and large sized businesses. There are tons of reasons for you to require business storage services and inventory storage is just one of them.

You only have enough space in your office and it’s hard to keep additional items which you don’t frequently have the need for in a limited space. The last thing you want for yourself and your employees is to move through a clutter of random items in your office every day. Well, the good thing is, you don’t have to. Get affordable business storage in Sharjah and clear up some space in your office.

Why choose storage keys?

We understand that it’s not easy trusting someone else to store your valuables as there is always a risk of damage, wear & tear or misplacement which is why we don’t just take our clients into confidence through high claims that have no reality to them. We encourage them to take a look at the on-ground measures we have taken to ensure the safety of your belongings.

From high tech security cameras for 24/7 surveillance by highly trained security professionals to fire alarms that go off even on the slightest sign of fire or breach, we have got you covered with our state-of-the-art equipment and staff.

Whether you decide to store your inventory with us, some furniture or something of high value such as an artifact, we are fully equipped to store your items with our scalable storage solutions. We also acknowledge the fact that some items may be weather/environment sensitive and could get damaged if not kept in a controlled environment. Good thing, we keep such items in our environment units to keep the outside environment from taking a toll on them.

Our team

With a cumulative experience of decades, our team is unlike any other you would come across. Not only would you find them to be highly cooperative and friendly but they are also some of the most honest people with an utmost sense of responsibility. As a leading service that offers commercial storage in Dubai, we also invest significantly in training and development of our team every now and then because we believe that no matter how advanced our infrastructure is, it is useless without a strong team.

We have a simple theory, the way you treat your clients reflects on the kind of service you offer to them. No matter where you are from and how big or small your business is with us, you would find our services to be nothing short of impeccable.

Our prices

It doesn’t make sense for you to hold on to items that could cost more to store than their actual worth. Small businesses are often in need of storage space due to the fact that they have a limited infrastructure and operational capabilities. Our small business storage solutions are designed to cater to such businesses that cannot afford to rent expensive warehousing services.

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